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Standards of Service

We aim to achieve the highest standards in our services and those delivered on our behalf by other agencies.


Services that are reliable

We do what we say we are going to do. We only make promises we can keep.


We treat people with respect

We will treat customers as individuals and with respect.


A helpful Council

We give the public the information they need and explain things clearly.


Individual choice

We tell people what their rights are and what the alternatives are.



Staff are trustworthy and discreet; they discuss sensitive issues in private.


Clear and straightforward communication

We strive to explain things straightforwardly and in plain language, both written and spoken. When people write to us in Welsh, we will respond in Welsh.


Ensuring the public have a say

We are committed to listening and responding to views and opinions. We will increasingly consult the public, using the Citizens Panel as a primary form of contact.


Respect for diversity

Our staff show sensitivity to cultural background, language, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender, abilities, lifestyles, beliefs, and values.


Responding to complaints

We tell people how to complain, and respond to complaints positively and rapidly.


Responsive services

We aim to keep waiting times to a minimum and respond to:

  • letters within 10 working days
  • telephone calls within six rings
  • stage 1 complaints (when they are first brought to our notice) within 10 working days
  • stage 2 complaints (if you are not satisfied with our initial response) within 20 working days
  • e-mails within five working days

Courteous and informative staff

Staff will be courteous and polite and will give clear and accurate information about services, rights to services, the standards that can be expected and the reasons behind decisions, waiting times, etc.


Continuity of service

Wherever possible, customers will be able to speak to someone knowledgeable about their case. Staff will identify themselves by their first or last name and the section in which they work.


A welcoming environment

Reception areas will be clean, accessible and comfortable, providing good information.