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Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO) patrol the county on a daily basis, they help identify illegal and irresponsible parking. Their job is to keep our roads clear and safe and to help achieve compliance with the parking restrictions. In most instances where appropriate, before issuing a ticket they will use their discretion and try to explain to the driver why they should not be parked illegally.


Car parks in the Vale of Glamorgan

Use this map to find car parks in the Vale of Glamorgan:





Park Tidy Campaign

We want to ensure the Vale of Glamorgan is a safe place to walk, drive and cycle. We're using the hashtags #ParkTidy and #ParcioTwt to promote safer parking across the Vale.


Park Tidy Campaign


Reporting Illegally or Inappropriately Parked Vehicles

You can report an illegally or inappropriately parked vehicles by contacting our contact centre, C1V.


We are unable to send out a CEO to provide an immediate response although any reported issues will be logged and monitored as soon as possible. We can only enforce parking where the appropriate restriction is in place with the relevant line markings and/or signs.


  • 01446 700111


Please Note: If the vehicle is parked on the footway causing an obstruction this is a police matter and you will need to report it to them directly via 101.